Todd Loewen calls the arrest of Tamara Lich 'yet more shame on Ottawa'

The Freedom Convoy organizer was taken into custody on Monday evening in Medicine Hat, Alberta.

Todd Loewen calls the arrest of Tamara Lich 'yet more shame on Ottawa'
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The UCP leadership candidate and independent MLA representing Central Peace-Notley responded Monday in a post on his Facebook page to the Monday night arrest of Convoy to Ottawa organizer Tamara Lich on allegations she violated the conditions of her release on charges of mischief, obstructing police, counselling others to commit mischief and intimidation.

"It's been said that freedom of speech & expression is the most important right because—if you only had one—it's the right that allows you to argue for all your other rights back. I am shocked to learn this news and will be following it closely, trying to reach those involved. In light of new revelations exposing how many lies and errors circulated in the lead up to Trudeau invoking the Emergencies Act, this is yet more shame on Ottawa."

A statement was also provided to Rebel News by Independent conservative MLA Drew Barnes, the MLA representing Tamara's hometown of Medicine Hat:

"Tamara is my constituent. More importantly, Tamara is a strong Albertan who peacefully and courageously stood on her values, rights, and freedoms. Tamara has been wrongly vilified by the Prime Minister and Eastern media elites. In spite of Trudeau's fictional emergency lockdown, thousands of Albertans have appreciated and supported Tamara's freedom stance. In fact, she has inspired Albertans to stand up in a way more contagious than the pandemic."

Loewen and Barnes were both removed from the UCP caucus for their vocal objections to outgoing premier Jason Kenney's handling of the pandemic.

Tamara was held for weeks after her Ottawa arrest in the wake of Trudeau's invocation of the never-before-used Emergencies Act which resulted in multiple arrests and thousands of bank accounts frozen in an attempt to euthanize the peaceful demonstration against remaining lockdown restrictions.

To sign our petition calling for the end of the politically motivated persecution of Lich, please visit

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