Tommy Robinson's 'The Rape of Britain' episode 2 premieres in Telford

The second episode, titled 'The Family Business', of the series exposing grooming gangs, premiered amidst controversy, as groups from the far-right and far-left showed up to confront Tommy Robinson.

Tommy Robinson's 'The Rape of Britain' episode 2 premieres in Telford
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The Series

The second episode of Tommy Robinson's docu-series “The Rape of Britain” follows allegations from a grooming gang survivor (identity protected) in Telford, England, where a group of middle-aged Islamic men prostitute and rape her.

In episode two, titled “The Family Business”, the unidentified survivor feels her speaking up about these allegations have been dismissed, neglected by the local council, the police force and by the politicians for not addressing her case and the continuing issue of grooming gangs.

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Tommy Robinson's view

In an interview with a man on his Gettr livestream (around 5:50 in), Mr Robinson says:

Today is about showing the story of the survivors who live in Telford. It's not just showing the story, it's about showing the men who multiple victims have named with serious allegations of rape, torture, trafficking, abuse.

These men own businesses, they're successful business managers, they're leaders of the Telford Muslim Forum, they're involved in the mosques, they are heavily entrenched in this town, and they are working with the council and the police.

They are hugging the police in photos we have, they have got the police on their knees in other photos that we have. And these men are orchestrating and terrorising this town, and it's about the victims.

This isn't about Tommy Robinson — if you don't like me I don't care, it's not about me. It's about the victims, one of the victims when I first met her told me to “f*** off,” multiple victims have done that.

But I've explained to them it is not about me, it's about men that rape children and have gotten away with it.

The Demonstration

The Shropshire Star reported that around 400 people were in attendance for the demonstration/premiere, where A heavy police presence was in place as supporters of Mr Robinson arrived at Telford Central rail station from around noon, with several more arriving later."

Superintendent Jamie Dunn, the local policing commander for Telford, made a statement after the event:

We have had an increased police presence around the town centre to keep any disruption to a minimum and the event has now concluded without any significant incidents of disorder and no arrests.

The event has once again put the spotlight on child sexual exploitation and our child exploitation teams will continue to actively seek out perpetrators and prevent further offending.

I would encourage anyone who has been a victim to come forward, regardless of when the exploitation took place. We will listen to them and ensure they have the necessary support.

The event began from Telford Central Railway Station at 2 p.m., the attendees then followed a route over a footbridge into Ironmasters Way leading then into Forge Gate, and finally Lawn Central.

Altercations with the far-right

An altercation broke out just before the attendees started to make their way towards where the documentary would be premiered.

A dozen “Patriotic Alternative” supporters tried to attend the march. When Mr Robinson was made aware they turned up, he told the group “they are not welcome here.

Mr Robinson then proceeded to confront the Patriotic Alternative members, saying:

Are you from Patriotic Alternative? You're not welcome here, we don't want you her. Take your f***ing Nazi bulls*** and go away.

You're embarrassing, take your masks off. You have masks on because you're embarrassed for what you stand for. Get your f***ing Nazi arse out of our place, f***ing Nazi wrongens.

Patriotic Alternative is a far-right, white nationalist group spearheaded by the former chairman of the young British National Party (BNP), Mark Collett.

After the confrontation, a man asked Robinson, “Tommy, what do you have to say about what you've just witnessed?”

Robinson replied “That's the far-right,” adding that “that's the group called Patriotic Alternative who are scumbags, they are the Nazis, you know how people might think I am? That's them and they've never been welcome from day dot.”

Continuing to distance himself from the extremists, Robinson said “we've fought running battles with them for years. We have done more to battle the far-right than anyone has done in this country, anyone.”

Describing the group as a mockery of patriotism, Robinson further tore into the group:

How dare they turn up with the union flag over their faces. Nothing they represent is about that flag. They are not welcome here. The local headlines will say, “the far-right fought against each other.”

These are ordinary people who despise them, these are ordinary people who want to have a patriotic voice without them mugs thinking they can turn up. They are not welcome and they never have been.

Far-left counter-protesters

Meanwhile, a group of fewer than 50 counter-protesters turned up with “oppose Tommy Robinson”, “stand up to racism”, “socialist worker” signs and “unite the union” and communist flags, which they congregated around while repeatedly shouting various slogans.

One activist proceeded to shout into a megaphone, “We are not finished. We will keep going until there are no more racists, no more fascists and they are eradicated from this area altogether.”

So far, no mainstream news outlet in the United Kingdom has reported on the event.

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