Kapow! Visitors to Toronto comic book store Thunderstruck had better wear a face diaper. Or else!

Nataniel Clavero had planned on buying some art books, but what he didn’t expect to happen was that the owner of Thunderstruck apparently has an alias: namely, “COVID-Karen”.

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Holy chutzpah!

Recently, Nataniel Clavero dropped by Thunderstruck, a comic book store situated in the uber-woke Annex area of Toronto. Clavero had planned on buying some art books, but what he didn’t expect to happen was that the owner of Thunderstruck, Dobromila Calko, apparently has an alias: namely, “COVID-Karen” (we shall leave it up to you if such an alter-ego qualifies Calko as a superheroine or a supervillain).

In any event, Clavero was informed by Calko that he could not remain in the store if he did not don a… facemask?!

Yes, we checked our calendar too, folks. It reads: July 2023, not 2020 or 2021.

Indeed, in Ontario, Kieran Moore, Ontario’s chief medical health officer, lifted the mandatory masking rule for retail stores and other venues back in March 2022.

So, how can it be that more than a year after face diaper liberty was achieved, that any retail business is STILL mandating such a policy?

But wait, there’s more: Clavero alleges he was physically assaulted by Calko, and at one point she grabbed his cell phone and refused to give it back. Thankfully, the cell was still recording, and you can hear Clavero telling Calko that if she simply gives back his phone, he will leave the store. But Clavero refuses to do so, telling Clavero she is calling the police… for reasons that, quite frankly, baffle us, given that she is the one who is illegally holding on to his property.

It gets worse for Clavero: at some point, he says an elderly man entered the store and decided to get involved in the altercation. Which is to say, the man allegedly blocked the front door of the small shop, preventing Clavero from leaving — even if he wanted to do so. The man then said he wanted to make a citizen’s arrest — on Clavero, that is, not Calko (who is still refusing to surrender Clavero’s property!).

What gives? Was this Nosy Parker reinventing himself as a real-life senior citizen version of Batman?

Eventually, police officers arrived at Thunderstruck. They told Calko to give Clavero back his phone and ordered Clavero to leave the store and not return or he will face trespassing charges.

We recently interviewed Clavero about this absolutely surreal event. We also paid a visit to Thunderstruck to get Calko’s side of the story, but she had no interest in being interviewed or sharing any video surveillance footage pertaining to what happened that day. (Too bad: we were also pining to find out why she is still enforcing mandatory face-diapering in 2023 when even the top medical officials say this is now completely unnecessary.)

Indeed, when it comes to the likes of Calko, whatever happened to “follow the science”? Or maybe comic book store clerks think they know more about the coronavirus than scientists and doctors?

Who knows. But in the aftermath, Clavero says he’s contemplating suing Calko. In the meantime, needless to say, he is now taking his business elsewhere.

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