Toronto police continue their vendetta against David Menzies

Police are refusing to hand over disclosure information, but why? Are they trying to hide something? Rebel News is going to find out, one way or another.

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David Menzies, our star reporter, was back in court today. As you know, he’s been arrested three times this year, always on trumped up charges, always designed to stop him from doing investigative journalism.

Well, we were ready for this court appearance. Our lawyer, Leora Shemesh was on the file. David put on his best suit and drove down to the courthouse. But the Toronto Police said they weren’t ready — they asked for yet another delay.

Their excuse was that they needed more time to get David “disclosure” documents.

But what records could there be, other than police body-camera footage and their notes? The police won’t hand those records over even though it’s their legal obligation to do so.

Why won’t police hand over their disclosure? It’s almost like they’re embarrassed about something that they don’t want the public to see.

Under Canadian criminal law, the accused has a right to see any records that the police have that touch on the case, including what are called “exculpatory” records.

That means they have to turn over records to David even if they would rather not, even if it includes information that would acquit him of their charges. Especially that information.

Things like internal police chatter about him, police notes about him, and of course their body cameras.

Is there a police memo, telling officers to arrest him on sight? Were officers laughing about arresting a journalist — and smashing David’s head against the roof of the police van, so badly that he started to bleed from the injury?

Is that why they won’t release the disclosure? How many more times will police and prosecutors delay this file? The process has become the punishment.

What a contrast to the kid gloves with which the police and prosecutors handle illegal, sometimes violent protests by pro-Hamas activists.

Well, the police can’t hide forever. We’re going to fight these trumped-up charges and David will surely be acquitted.

And then we’re going to go on the offensive, and sue the police for false arrest, false imprisonment, assault, and violating David’s civil rights as a journalist. And they won’t be able to hide from us then.

The police are acting in an un-Canadian way — they’ve obviously picked up that habit from Justin Trudeau. We’re not only fighting for David’s freedom, but also to set a precedent for all Canadians, to bring back non-partisan policing and freedom of speech!

If you stand with David, please help us help him. You can help us fight back by chipping in a donation to cover the cost of today's court proceedings. 

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