Toronto real estate board bans the term “master bedroom”

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Despite the Wuhan virus pandemic, real estate in the Greater Toronto Area is hotter than a five-alarm fire, and bidding wars are now once again de rigueur.

But what isn’t so hot is certain real estate terminology. Such as the phrase “master bedroom.” These days in the greater Hogtown area, master bedroom is to be replaced with “primary bedroom.”

This is apparently a recommendation by the Diversity and Inclusion Task Force of the Toronto Regional Real Estate Board (TRREB). Check out this statement issued by TRREB President Lisa Patel: “[The change] will also address the negative connotations surrounding 'master' bedroom, which many members, others in the industry, and the public at large associate with terminology rooted in slavery and/or sexism. We also heard some of your concerns about the offensive undertones associated with this term.”

Really? Does this ring true to you, homeowners, home sellers and home buyers? That the term “master bedroom” conjures up images of slavery and racism and sexism, as opposed to simply being a place to sleep?

Naturally, a call to President Patel was not returned.

But seriously, has anyone in the real estate racket ever actually complained about the use of the term “master bedroom”? If so, how many complaints have been received?

And who exactly comprises TRREB’s Diversity and Inclusion Task Force? And for that matter, what exactly does diversity and inclusion have to do with real estate transactions?

The word “master” has many definitions anyway, including “to be skilled and proficient,” which is certainly not a negative connotation.

Indeed, if “master” is now indeed under a ban in the Not So Great White North, my heart breaks for Canadian Tire, whose house brand for tools is MasterCraft. Then again, that guy on the Canadian Tire funny money (Sir John A. Mechanic) does kind of look like a white supremacist, so maybe a brand new whiz-bang rebranding for this line of merchandise is imminent as well?

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  • By Ezra Levant

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