Toronto-St. Paul's has been a Liberal riding since 1993. Will that winning streak end on Monday?

Toronto-St. Paul's byelection comes after longtime Liberal MP, Dr. Carolyn Bennett, stepped down to become Canada’s ambassador for Denmark. Her replacement? Leslie Church, a former staffer for Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland.

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It is never prudent to look at the results of a byelection as an indicator for an upcoming general election. And yet, all eyes are on the midtown-Toronto riding of Toronto-St. Paul's, which has been comfortably Liberal for more than three decades. This riding is very much in play, according to political observers and pollsters.

The Toronto-St. Paul's byelection is the result of longtime incumbent Liberal MP Dr. Carolyn Bennett stepping down to become Canada’s ambassador for Denmark.

Good riddance, to Doc Bennett, who seems more committed to politics that medical science and ethics.

Case in point: Bennett, a member of Parliament for the Chretien government in 1998, denied compensation to thousands of hepatitis C victimsdespite being a medical doctor. Through no fault of their own, they received tainted blood.

But the compensation package applied only to those infected from 1986 to 1990. Evidence suggests the government knewor should’ve knownthat the blood supply was at risk circa 1981.

Dr. Bennett should’ve been a champion of those patients, but alas, she abandoned her Hippocratic oath. What a travesty.

Her replacement, Leslie Church, is a former staffer for Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland. Alas, the cult of Liberalism still thrives.

When Rebel News visited Church's campaign headquarters, we noticed a couple things.

First off was the unfortunate homeless man sleeping in front of her office. He’s been there for several days.

We wanted to ask staffers if they planned to help him out, but they locked the office doors when they saw the Rebel insignia. “Sunny ways,” indeed!

Is this homeless man not emblematic of the dire times which we live, after enduring almost nine years of misguided economic policies from the Trudeau Liberals?

Another noticeable thing was the signage, draped in a “Team Trudeau” message in font so small it was almost illegible. Was this by accident or design?

We may never know, but one thing is certain: the Liberals are very much aware this riding is in play. According to reports, at least 13 cabinet ministers and Trudeau himself have visited Toronto-St. Paul's to do some campaigning for Church.

Rebel News conducted streeters outside Church’s office, where voters fell into three categories: Liberals, Conservatives, and undecided.

The Conservative candidate for the riding is Don Stewart. A bio for Stewart says his roots in the riding stretch back more than a century. He grew up in Oshawa, and attended Queen's University, earning both Engineering and Business degrees.

Of note, a federal election record has been set in this riding given that there’s a total of 84 candidates running.

But let’s get serious: this riding is a horse race between Church and Stewart. A race that might end with a photo-finish come Monday. Stay tuned.

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