Traffic chaos as climate extremists block Melbourne's West Gate Bridge

Commuters fed up as Extinction Rebellion cause traffic delays, blocking the West Gate Bridge during peak-hour traffic.

Traffic chaos as climate extremists block Melbourne's West Gate Bridge
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During Tuesday morning's rush hour, three members of Extinction Rebellion Victoria positioned a large truck across three lanes of the West Gate Bridge, unfurling a banner declaring "declare a climate emergency."

The protest, which commenced around 7.45am, saw the extremists atop the truck, igniting flares to draw attention to their cause.

The disruption led to significant traffic delays, with three out of five lanes initially closed, and an additional lane shut down an hour into the protest. Frustrated commuters were forced to merge into one remaining lane, exacerbating the congestion.

Among the demonstrators was Violet CoCo, a notorious climate activist, who previously faced jail time for similar protests.

The protest coincided with the ASEAN Summit in Melbourne, where climate extremists have demanded Australia take declare a "climate emergency."

Police were deployed to manage the traffic disruptions as the activists continued their demonstration on the bridge.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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