Trans regret: Australian woman blames 'medical industry violation'

Channel 7 investigation into 'children as young as 12 being told to change genders' goes viral.

Trans regret: Australian woman blames 'medical industry violation'
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An Australian woman who transitioned to male as a teen, has expressed her profound regret and has accused the medical community of exacerbating her anguish.

Mel Jeffries' story was part of an alarming trend documented last night as part of a 7NEWS Spotlight investigation aired on mainstream television.

Once a despondent teenager grappling with identity and sexual orientation, she underwent hormone therapy and changed her name to Mason.

"All my hatred of being a woman was just focused on my chest," Jeffries told Channel 7.

Subsequently, she had a double mastectomy at 26, an action she now views as a significant mistake while reverting to her female identity.

The Spotlight segment argues that Jeffries is one of 'thousands' of young Australians who have regrets about gender transition. 

Reflecting on her choices, Jeffries states that they have left her with everlasting mental and physical scars.

She recalls that as a 16-year-old, she sought a "sense of belonging" in online communities. She also mentioned traumatic experiences that influenced her decision to transition, stating:

"I was sexually assaulted and I feel like that was a big fuel for me wanting to transition."

Jeffries felt that being a woman made her an easy target, and she had been led to believe that life would be easier as a man. 

The transition, which she described as being primed by society's expectations, included a testosterone prescription that took less than an hour to diagnose.

However, the gravity of her mistake became painfully clear post-mastectomy when she felt disoriented being referred to as Mason, the name she had lived with for eight years.

"I've literally been violated by the medical industry," She currently identifies as female and focuses on her wellbeing while navigating her complex feelings.

Meanwhile, Channel 7 faced backlash for "misrepresenting" transgender OnlyFans identity Grace Hyland in their promotional material, who insisted that she doesn't regret her own transition.

Around 1,000 adolescents are currently on waiting lists for gender-related medical treatment across Australia.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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