Trans violence against women sparks calls for NZ travel boycott

Women's rights activist, Kellie-Jay Keen, was forced to flee New Zealand after a violent reception to her event in Auckland on Saturday, sparking a wave of negative attention on social media and calls for visitors to boycott the country.

Trans violence against women sparks calls for NZ travel boycott
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Kellie-Jay Keen, also known as Posie Parker, was met with a hate-fuelled reception from transgender rights protesters at her event in Albert Park, resulting in her being doused, mobbed, and sprayed by the crowd.

Women who attended the event in support of Keen were also physically assaulted, with shocking footage emerging of an elderly woman being ruthlessly punched by a much younger bearded transgender activist.

Keen was later spotted at Auckland Airport checking in to an international flight.

The incident sparked outrage on social media, with #ShameOnNewZealand trending on Twitter as people around the world expressed shock at the intolerance of differing opinions and lack of free speech in the country.

Calls for a boycott of New Zealand as a tourist destination began to circulate, with people stating that they would not visit the country after witnessing the treatment of women trying to speak in a public place in Auckland.

Tourism New Zealand was forced to turn off replies to its tweets and delete its latest post entirely amid the storm of comments.

The negative reaction has raised concerns that the incident may tarnish New Zealand's international image and hurt the country's tourism industry.

ACT's tourism spokesperson Dr. James McDowall expressed disappointment and concern, stating that tourism businesses have been hammered over the past few years and cannot afford for potential tourists to have another reason to take their money elsewhere.

He emphasised that in a civilised country, people counter ideas they don't like with more speech and debate, not violence and intimidation.

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