Trees chopped to make way for environmentally friendly posties

Melbourne residents seeing red after Australia Post threatens to withhold mail if they don't get out the saw to make way for its new fleet of electric trikes.

Trees chopped to make way for environmentally friendly posties
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Australia Post is demanding residents chop down trees so posties can deliver the mail on new environmentally friendly electric tricycles.

The postal service recently introduced a fleet of electric trikes across Victoria as part of their bid to reduce emissions by 15 per cent by 2025.

But The Age newspaper reported that Australia Post was demanding local councils and residents cut back vegetation to create easier access for the green tricycles.

The newspaper quoted a letter sent to a Coburg resident saying:

“Australia Post has changed delivery mode and now are using electric delivery mode due to the dimensions. I have a duty of care to my staff that their health and safety is not jeopardised while in the process of delivering mail. The overhanging branches and bushes on your property are an immediate risk to your postie as she/he rides past.”

The resident was told mail may not be delivered to the address if branches were not removed.

Another resident told how the local council had chopped down the “nicest tree in the street” to make way for the environmentally friendly posties.

In Melbourne’s southeast, a City of Stonnington spokesman confirmed the council had received more requests than usual from Australia Post regarding the removal of vegetation since the climate fighting three-wheeled electric delivery vehicles were introduced. 

The Australia Post spokesman said more than 3125 trikes had been introduced around the country which would help the service “work towards achieving our target to reduce emissions by 15 per cent”.

“It’s important we have clear access to properties so we can keep delivering our customers’ letters and parcels efficiently and ensure a safe working environment for our team members,” he said.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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