Trudeau is now calling the Muslim community 'homophobic and transphobic'

Ezra Levant and Manny Montenegrino discussed the recent parents' rights protest, during which Trudeau used derogatory labels when referring to parents and participants. 'Many of them were ethnic minorities who traditionally are liberal. He called them transphobic, homophobic, hateful,' said Ezra.

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On the Ezra Levant Show, Ezra took a step back, talking about the '1 Million March 4 Children' protest that happened on September 20. And although the actual number may not have reached a million, there were tens or even hundreds of thousands of participants across Canada, especially in Ottawa and Toronto

This protest was driven by parents concerned about their young children being taught radical gender ideologies, including changing pronouns and gender identities. While tolerance for diverse sexual orientations in adults was acknowledged, the focus on young children's education prompted parents to protest for the first time in their lives.

Interestingly, the organizer of these protests was a Muslim man, and it brought together a diverse and multiracial group of participants, including members of the Muslim and immigrant communities who typically shy away from such demonstrations.

"I think the iconic image for me was a Muslim woman wearing a hijab, holding a sign over her head that said, 'NEVER TRUST ANYONE WHO SAYS DON'T TELL YOUR PARENTS.' And we used to we used to teach that to kids; don't take candy from a stranger, don't keep secrets from your peers. And now the schools are saying that," Ezra said.

"Justin Trudeau put out a tweet condemning, I'd say there were at least 100,000 people across the country, maybe more. And many of them were ethnic minorities who traditionally are liberal. He called them transphobic, homophobic, hateful and in a way that's just as big a crisis as his Ukraine or his India stuff,” Ezra concluded.

Guest Manny Montenegrino, President and CEO at ThinkSharp Inc joined Ezra on this conversation and said:

He does just every time, and I don't know why people are not calling him on it. Let's go back to the truckers' protest, one Nazi flag. And as you know, there is some discussion of whether it was planted by liberal or not.

That one Nazi flag was enough for him, for Trudeau to paint the brush, that everyone was a Nazi, everyone was bad. These are good people following good science.

I think that was the biggest issue. But please do not come between father and child or mother and child. And that's what the Muslim community, the Christian community and normal people say it's wrong.

Ezra added that he thinks that Trudeau really emphasized the Muslim community and it was very successful for him, but now he's calling them homophobic and transphobic.

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