EXCLUSIVE: Trudeau's Chinese spy memo proclaims “NO EVIDENCE” of Wuhan lab leak

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The theory that the coronavirus behind COVID-19 leaked from the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) is now being taken very seriously.

So why did the Canadian government make a communications plan to discredit the theory wholesale if they were asked about it, last May?

I've got the communications plan in my hands today.

The public relations strategy was drafted to deflect criticism away from funding that the Trudeau government gave to the WIV, and to mitigate concerns people might have had about the Canadian government allowing Chinese researchers to work at a new proposed Saskatchewan high security lab.

The government of Canada, in collaboration with the province of Saskatchewan, is seeking to build a centre for pandemic research. It's going to be a level four containment lab, the highest level of security.

There's currently only one facility like this in Canada, and it's located in Winnipeg at the Canadian Science Centre for Human and Animal Health.

And people are rightly concerned about this new proposed lab, because seven scientists at that Winnipeg lab collaborated with Chinese researchers to study and conduct experiments on deadly pathogens — including at least one from the People's Liberation Army’s Academy of Military Medical Sciences!

And, according to the Globe and Mail, two scientists at the lab were fired in January after the Canadian security intelligence services recommended that their security clearances be removed on national security grounds.

So the Public Health Agency of Canada was directly collaborating with the Chinese military on virology research at the highest level security lab in the country. And then two researchers get fired and their security clearances revoked.

Recently released documents from COVID committee meetings include this briefing note, where health bureaucrats and communications officers for Theresa Tam’s Public Health Agency of Canada were anticipating questions being asked about the WIV.

It turns out that the government of Canada was already dismissing the idea that the coronavirus could have leaked from the very institute that they had just been discovered to be funding. Watch this full report for details.

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