Trudeau defends journalistic independence after CBC reprimanded for broadcasting the n-word

When asked at a press conference about the CRTC’s decision to mandate an apology from the state broadcaster after hosts used the word multiple times in a single broadcast, the PM responded that he stands up for 'journalistic independence and integrity'.

Trudeau defends journalistic independence after CBC reprimanded for broadcasting the n-word
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Justin Trudeau was in Kingston, Ontario, July 13 2022 at an announcement of a new facility producing electric vehicles valued at $1.5-billion when he was asked about a recent CRTC ruling against Radio-Canada.

In a 2020 broadcast, the French division of the state broadcaster aired repeated uses of the N-word, causing the CRTC to issue a demand for a public written apology as a result of violating the Canadian broadcasting policy objectives and values.

At the conference, a CBC journalist asked Trudeau for his take on the ruling.

The PM responded in his typical virtue signaling fashion, calling journalism a foundation of not just Canada, but of any strong democracy — though there is myriad evidence from Rebel News’ reporters that show the PM believes otherwise.

“I think it's extremely important to underline, that defending freedom of expression, defending journalistic independence, and integrity, is always going to be a foundation, not just of Canada, but of any strong democracy. We have to be stepping up for that”

The PM, who admittedly cannot remember how many times he’s worn blackface, mused about the historical necessity for a free press:

“At the same time, there are words that carry deep, deep, historical and current weight to them, and cause harm, and as a society, how we have thoughtful conversations about how we navigate through that, how we make sure, yes, we’re standing up for freedom of expression. But yes, we’re avoiding perpetuating deep societal injustices and crimes.”

The Prime Minister concluded, “That’s the challenge that, quite frankly, there’s no simple answer to. But the path we’re all taking as a society of talking about it, trying to figure out how that best way forward is, is what we’re going to continue to do in a reasonable, responsible way.”

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