Trudeau 'Gatekeepers' are destroying construction sectors (Part 1)

Small companies have desperately tried to build houses, but they were stopped by the never-ending bureaucracy layers.

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While the Liberals are promising thousands of new homes for the people to afford a safer space to live, other companies who desperately want to build houses are being blocked from doing so. 

This report is the first of 3, and it’s about the nightmare story of a small private company that tried to do their work. This is probably one example of those who have suffered under these construction regulations.

When it is not done by the Liberals, they will do everything they can to make things complicated. Conservative Party Leader Pierre Poilievre has spoken extensively about how “gatekeepers” are holding our country back.

Across the country, at the federal, provincial and municipal levels, increasing layers of bureaucracy and government institutions are expanding their power at the expense of companies trying to do their job and provide homes for the people.

Governments clearly want us to live in a tiny 80-foot scare condominium, all concentrated together in the main city.

Jocelyn Burzuik, the president of the development company Sundance Construction wants to build the project of multiple houses on the property.

They're not at their first project, but this time it’s harder than ever. They are being blocked intensively by woke people who have infiltrated the system.

While talking about the process, she mentioned that the Rural Municipality of Gimli (RM Gimli) let people of the area be defamed during public hearing:

If people, who originally didn’t want the housing development to go through, they can come back multiple times during the process and every time they comeback they’re allowed to engage in defamation, they are allowed to attack our company, they’re allowed to attack us personally, they were allowed to do all of these things that aren’t even allowed in a municipal meeting.

A housing crisis that will continue to grow because companies like hers will go through a harder time to do their job.

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