Trudeau warns of 'climate anxiety,' discusses welcoming 500k new immigrants

Rebel News' David Menzies and Drea Humphrey react to Justin Trudeau's comments about 'climate anxiety' and welcoming 500,000 new immigrants to Canada per year by 2025.

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Justin Trudeau recently delivered remarks at an event in Vaughn hosted by the Carpenters' District Council of Ontario. The prime minister touched on a number of issues, cautioning the carpenters about 'climate anxiety' and discussing plans to welcome 500,000 new immigrants per year to Canada by 2025.

Trudeau also bizarrely insinuated that the housing crisis can be improved by welcoming 500,000 new immigrants per year to Canada.

The prime minister continued to discuss the need to support immigrants, mentioning the increase in migrants crossing through Roxham Road and pointing the finger at "irregular migration".

As stated by Drea Humphrey, "You know what, is it 'climate anxiety' or anxiety about how the government is going to hit us financially over the climate?"

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