Trudeau's “inclusive” tree planting plan to cost $3 billion

Trudeau's “inclusive” tree planting to cost $3 billion
The Canadian Press
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The Government of Canada has launched their $3.16 billion plan to plant two billion trees over a ten year period, in order to fight climate change.

Tree planting will start this spring “in urban areas across Canada,” and will be performed with inclusivity in mind.

According to a press release from Natural Resources Canada, making sure Canada has enough trees is a long, involved process:

While planting a tree may sound simple, ensuring that it can be done on a large scale and in a sustainable, inclusive manner requires careful planning. The tree planting process takes several years, and begins with ordering the seeds of the desired tree species.

From there, we must expand nursery capacity; grow seedlings until they’re big enough to plant in the ground; identify and prepare available land in both cities and rural settings for adequate access and soil conditions; and monitor the health and survival of the planted seedlings.

Canada has 8,953 trees per person. The private sector plants half a billion dollars worth of trees every year.

Minister of Natural Resources Seamus O’Regan praised the plan, saying that it will create “thousands of good, green jobs.” Earlier this week, O'Regan announced that his alma mater's 4,300-person town would be granted 12 new electric car chargers, courtesy of the taxpayer.

Earlier this year, an American environmentalist group teamed up with Hollywood actors to sound the alarm on clearcutting, identifying toilet paper as a contributing factor to the destruction of Canadian boreal forests.

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