BREAKING: Twitter releases 'PRGuy' account data five days early

Twitter has complied with a Federal Court ruling by releasing 'PRGuy' subscriber information to Avi Yemini

BREAKING: Twitter releases 'PRGuy' account data five days early
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On June 7, the Federal Court of Australia ordered Twitter to release the name, email address and IP logs of the 'PRGuy' account to Avi Yemini for an upcoming defamation case.

While a name and email address are easy to fake, following the ruling, fans of the infamous troll asserted their hero would obviously be using a VPN, rendering the litigation useless.

However, it turns out the account holder failed to use a VPN consistently and only became more disciplined after Avi Yemini filed in the Federal Court earlier this year.

Rebel News has hired Simon Smith, one of Australia's top cybersecurity experts, to decode the information received today.

In a statement, Mr Smith said:

I have started my investigation into the lawfully attained subscriber data provided by Twitter Inc. in response to the recent Federal Court application for discovery.

A review of this material will be thorough and extensive, however I can preliminarily make the following observations:

  1. On or around March 13 2020, the account "@PRGuy17" was created using a clear unprotected Telstra mobile IP address without any VPN, dark web or proxy protection.
  2. There is evidence multiple VPN's were used throughout the history of the account, however this usage is not consistent, and clear direct IP addresses appear quite frequently.
  3. The use of VPN's appears to have increased on and/or around early February 2022.
  4. I am confident that there is sufficient data provided by Twitter Inc. to potentially trace the subscriber activity back to an individual identity or account both with, and potentially, without the assistance of the Courts.

More to come.

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