“TYRANT” Trudeau: Protesters won't comply with gun grab

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“Come and take it…”

Well, that gun legislation protester we featured (watch our interview with him HERE) from Queen’s Park protest #2 was back for protest #3 on Saturday – and this time, he brought his friends.

Their take: Justin Trudeau is exploiting not one but two tragedies in order to ramrod his anti-gun agenda through Parliament.

First there is the ongoing Wuhan virus economic smackdown. Secondly, the grotesque mass-shooting in Nova Scotia last month by a deranged individual (who, we must point out, was not a legal gun owner.)

And so it was that with no substantive debate, the Prime Minister sighted legal gun owners in his ideological scope, threatening to take away their firearms and making them criminals if they refuse to comply. And for what reason? Will this latest assault against gun owners result in gang bangers getting rid of their illegal handguns? Will this legislation change the insane behaviour of deranged mass-shooters in the future?

Of course not. It is over the top virtue-signalling at best, done so in a way that would make a dictator blush (then again, let’s not forget China is the "basic sort of dictatorship" that Justin Trudeau “admires.”)

It is infuriating to see the federal government push its ludicrous agenda in such an undemocratic fashion.

Sure, Justin Trudeau admires the dictatorship that is China (even though this brutal communist regime is responsible for unleashing a multi-trillion-dollar plague upon the world.)

But Justin Trudeau should also realize that Canada – at least for now – is still a democracy. It is unsettling that with the mere stroke of a pen, some 1,500 types of firearms can be declared illegal overnight.


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  • By Keean Bexte


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