UN Special Envoy Mark Carney helps fundraise for the Trudeau Liberals

Is Mark Carney violating the United Nations' conflict of interest policies by helping fundraise for the Liberal Party of Canada?

UN Special Envoy Mark Carney helps fundraise for the Trudeau Liberals
AP Photo/Kirsty Wigglesworth, pool, File
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Donors were asked to support a Liberal-affiliated research group by Mark Carney, the former Bank of Canada governor who is now a UN special envoy on climate action and finance. He implied for people to chip in, and according to Blacklock’s Reporter, a United Nations ethics code prohibits conflicts of interest by envoys.

From the UN's staff regulations:

A conflict of interest occurs when, by act or omission, a staff member’s personal interests interfere with the performance of his or her official duties and responsibilities or with the integrity, independence and impartiality required by the staff member’s status as an international civil servant. When an actual or possible conflict of interest does arise, the conflict shall be disclosed by staff members to their head of office, mitigated by the Organization and resolved in favour of the interests of the Organization.

Back in April of 2021, the former governor of the Bank of Canada and Bank of England said that he would do whatever it takes to support the Liberal Party in their efforts to build a better future for Canadians. 

He also added in a newsletter that he was excited to work with a left-wing research group, called Canada 2020, located in Ottawa. 

Referring to Carney's statement that he would do “whatever” it took to support the Liberals, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said The Liberal Party has a long history of welcoming in expert speakers at our conventions from a range of different backgrounds. We're pleased to have someone of the stature of Mark Carney who has been working very hard on among other things the intersection between the global economy and the fight against climate change.”

As Blacklock's detailed:

The United Nations Ethics Office in New York yesterday would not comment. Carney in 2019 was appointed UN Special Envoy on Climate Action and Finance. A UN ethics guide applies to employees, volunteers and contractors alike, according to staff. 

UN agents must “regulate their conduct with the interests of the United Nations only,” said the guide Putting Ethics To Work: A Guide For UN Staff. “They shall ensure that expression of personal views and convictions does not compromise or appear to compromise the performance of their official duties.”

Whether there is conflict of interest or not, Mark Carney proudly supports what he believes in. Does this go against the oath of being part of the United Nations?

Carney's statement from that Liberal-linked think tank reads: “The end goal is clear: an agenda that will create a better future for all Canadians. I hope that you will join in and share your ideas — and if you're able, please chip in today and support Canada 2020'a work to shape that vision and make it real.”

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