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University of Bristol sends reminder to staff: Catgender is valid

The guide provides the example of someone who is “catgender” who may use the pronouns “nya/nyan,” who is someone who “strongly identifies” with cats and other feline creatures.

University of Bristol sends reminder to staff: Catgender is valid
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A British university has backtracked on advice given to staff to start using “neopronouns,” which are made up of pronouns such as “catgender,” and “emojiself” after facing widespread mockery and backlash.

The University of Bristol provided guidance to staff members on how to use pronouns at work, urging them to introduce themselves verbally with their preferred pronouns, and sign their email with he/him, she/her, or they/them to support transgender students.

The lecturers were also told how to use “emojiself pronouns,” a concept derived from social justice communities on Tumblr, in which people use emojis – the colorful emotive facial expressions and other icons – to refer to themselves.

The University of Bristol’s guide on pronouns explains that some people use “neopronouns” such as “zi/zir/zirs,” explaining that “neopronouns” are third-person pronouns and not officially recognized in English.

The guide provides links to the community-run LGBTA Wiki on, which is not a legitimate academic resource. The website also lists emoji pronouns as an example of “neopronouns.”

"Emojiself pronouns are a subcategory of nounself pronouns, which are pronouns that, instead of using letters, utilize emojis,” university staff referencing the website are instructed.

"These pronouns are not intended to be pronounced out loud and are only intended for online communication. In spoken conversation, one may or may not use pronouns that are based on the emoji."

According to the Telegraph, the university guide includes a section on how “noun-self” pronouns are used by “xenic” individuals whose gender exists outside the boundaries of “the Western human binary of gender alignments.” It’s worth noting that no culture on Earth identifies as a “xenic” individual outside of woke western universities.

The guide provides the example of someone who is “catgender” who may use the pronouns “nya/nyan,” who is someone who “strongly identifies” with cats and other feline creatures who “may experience delusions relating to being a cat or other feline.” The term “nyan” is the Japanese word for “meow.”

The guide goes on to state that if university staff misgender someone by using the incorrect pronoun, “it is important not to become defensive or make a big deal out of it. Simply thank the person for correcting you, apologise swiftly, and use the correct pronouns going forward.”

In other words, university staff members are encouraged to actively validate the delusions of students who believe themselves to be cats or other creatures, including imaginary ones including dragons, fairies, or even cartoon characters. Some people even identify as trees, or even planets.

Debbie Hayton, a transgender campaigner who opposes the woke indoctrination promoted by British universities says that the guide's approach risks ostracizing transgender people and “policing thoughts.”

Speaking to the Telegraph, Hayton said, “It brings the whole concept of being a transsexual and transitioning in society into disrepute, we didn’t ask for this. Pronouns are there to describe what we see and what we know.”

A University of Bristol spokesperson insisted that the institution is “committed to gender” inclusion, noting that “the correct use of pronouns is important to some members of our University community.”

“There is no expectation that staff must commit every possible pronoun to memory. Using pronouns on email signatures or as part of meeting introductions is not a mandatory requirement,” the spokesperson said.

The move to backtrack on the ludicrous advisory comes amid the Russell Group university is set to begin a landmark court battle on Monday with a feminist Ph.D. student Raquel Rosario Sanchez, who is suing for sex discrimination following an alleged two-year campaign of harassment and bullying from transgender activists at the university, the Telegraph reported.

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