WATCH: Unpacking ACA's hit job on the Aussie Cossack

We may never agree with his controversial opinions on the situation in Russia and Ukraine, but it's easy to bust the mainstream media's fake news tactics


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The Aussie Cossack certainly is a polarising figure.

Otherwise known as Simeon Boikoiv, the Cossack has been making headlines for all of the wrong reasons lately.

Though he's never far from controversy, the Aussie Cossack's Russian patriotism and outlandish actions have put him under an even brighter spotlight after Russian President Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine earlier this month.

And after his latest run-in with Channel 9's A Current Affair, the notorious self-proclaimed freedom fighter sat down with The Real Rukshan and I for a grilling about the segment where he was branded a 'prolific peddler of Putin's propaganda'.

"There are some parts of the world where what I do is actually revered and there are some parts of Australia, especially in Western Sydney, the work I do is actually respected so I don't really mind what Tracy Grimshaw or Steve Marshall have to say, they've got a job to do ... They get paid to discredit anyone who challenges the mainstream media narrative," Boikov said.

"And that's the only reason they have targeted me and the reason they are making personal attacks rather than challenge me and attack me for the things I say and the things I promote and the news that I say, they go for my wife!"

While that may ring true for some, one of the biggest criticisms of the Aussie Cossack, even from those within Australia's freedom movement, is his support for Russia's authoritarian government, which has shutdown its own citizens from protesting in the streets ... Something Boikov himself has protested against in Australia and been highly critical of the Australian government for.

"We can sit here and criticise Putin, but what is the Australian government doing, they're blocking social media, they're shutting down people's YouTube accounts down, shutting people down on Facebook keywords, you speak out you're blocked..."

"Let's take a moment to say that I believe in the freedom of everybody, of course, and I respect people even on the Ukrainian side who are fighting for freedom.

"But let's focus back to what A Current Affair has done here, and why they're targeting me and calling me a Putin propagandist - If I was so marginalist and out there with my views, obviously people wouldn't listen to them, obviously it wouldn't be a threat."

While his arguments may not convince everyone, A Current Affair's tactics are par for the course in the mainstream media.

Using personal attacks, digging up as much private information as possible instead of challenging Boikov directly about the issues he presents.

A Current Affair even went on to frame Boikov's own family members against their will to paint him as an abusive partner and grandson when in reality they say something different. 

We may never see eye to eye on the issues relating to Russia's actions, but believing in free speech means we don't shy away from asking the tough questions and having robust conversations to better understand each other's point of view.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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