Unvaccinated Canadians remain banned from planes and trains in Canada

Justin Trudeau's discriminatory travel restrictions remain in place after a motion put forward by Conservative MP Melissa Lantsman was defeated in the House of Commons.

Unvaccinated Canadians remain banned from planes and trains in Canada
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Yesterday was a day of disappointment, as the Liberal-NDP alliance had most votes in the House of Commons, keeping in place the same unscientific mandates that bans healthy unvaccinated Canadians from boarding planes and trains in Canada.  

Melissa Lanstman, the Conservative MP from Thornhill, Ontario, updated us on Twitter with the motion to end these unscientific mandates.

Fellow Conservative MP Pierre Poilievre was unable to support Lantsman's motion after failing to register his vote, claiming there was a technical problem while he was attempting to vote remotely from Thunder Bay.

Pearson Airport in Toronto has also been experiencing massive delays with flights, angering passengers with excessive wait times, which have been exacerbated by COVID protocols.

In one instance, a woman who was on her way to her own wedding had a 24-hour ordeal instead of a four-hour flight. According to CTV News, she boarded the flight and sat on the tarmac for three hours before the flight was cancelled. 

There have been many other complaints, with Global News reporting that international flight delays have increased massively at Pearson Airport.

According to the Conservative Party's website: 

As Canadian travelers are being subject to extreme delays, line-ups, bottlenecks, and missed connections because of unnecessary protocols, our allies across the world, including the European Union and the United States, have loosened rules for passengers on flights and in airports. 

Airports have directly cited the Liberals’ policies as the reason for these delays, as processing times for international arriving passengers have increased by two-to-four times – sometimes taking longer than two minutes. 

After two long years of the pandemic, Canadians are finally looking to return to normalcy and begin travelling again. Unfortunately, the NDP-Liberal government continues to cling to outdated and unnecessary protocols that are exacerbating delays. 

Conservatives will continue to advocate for common-sense solutions to prevent these unacceptable delays at our airports, and to get our aviation, tourism, and business sectors back on track. We will continue to hold the NDP-Liberal government to account for these unacceptable delays.

While most countries have eased travel mandates and other COVID restrictions, Canada remains one of the only countries in the world that prevents its own citizens from boarding a domestic flight.

When will this unscientific mandate end?

Prime Minister Trudeau has made sure that the unvaccinated remain prisoners in their own country, and for that the country will always be divided.

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