Unvaccinated (now suspended) Toronto police officers hold sit-in protest

More than 200 Toronto Police Service employees are now on unpaid suspension after failing to comply with the city's vaccine policy.

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Remember the descriptor, “frontline heroes”, a term that included members of law enforcement? Well, that is sooo last month! Now those heroes are zeroes... well, at least those officers who remain unvaccinated from COVID-19.

Indeed, recently the deadline came and went for Toronto Police Service employees to reveal their COVID-19 vaccination status — or stay home on unpaid leave.

While most have indeed complied — be it willingly or due to the prospect of facing a dire financial situation — more than 200 are now suspended without pay due to noncompliance.

The Toronto Police Association, the union representing Toronto police employees, has previously encouraged its members to get vaccinated.

But TPA president Jon Reid recently issued a statement that notes: “The TPA is disappointed that the Toronto Police Service has placed our members on unpaid leave for making the decision to not disclose, or not be vaccinated. These are the same members who have selflessly served the community during the entirety of the pandemic.”

But talk is cheap, and about 100 officers showed up to conduct a sit-in protest at the TPA office.

Alas, it never occurred primarily because the elevator that went to the office tower floor where the TPA office is located was disabled. And in a surreal move, the TPA apparently sicced security guards on their rank and file, with security personnel demanding (to little effect) that the police leave the property or face trespassing charges.

And how’s this for added surreality? A cop can commit first degree murder and that officer will be suspended WITH PAY while years pass until a verdict is rendered. But refusing to divulge one’s medical status? That brings forth an instant economic death sentence.

And get this: while the good guys have to get double-jabbed, the bad guys do not. Which is to say, prisoners are exempt from the COVID-19 vax rules. How does this make sense?

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