Unvaxxed nurse joins us to ask residents in B.C. Premier's riding about vax mandates

Aurora Bisson-Montpetit, an unvaccinated nurse affected by B.C.'s health-care vaccine mandate, joined us to ask residents in Premier David Eby's Vancouver-Point Grey riding what they thought of mandates.

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British Columbia is one of the few places left in the world still imposing a blanket COVID-19 vaccine mandate against healthy and qualified health-care workers, and it shows.

The province's rural emergency rooms keep closing and people, including babies as young as eight months old, who may have survived have died while waiting for efficient care. Yet, B.C.’s political health forces, such as Provincial Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry and Minister of Health Adrian Dix, continue to prevent thousands of health-care workers from saving citizens lives, and they are doing so all under Premier David Eby’s watch.

During a January 9 press release where the BC government announced that they would be increasing supports and decreasing training time to make it easier for foreign nurses to work in the province, president of the BC Nurses Union, Aman Grewal stated that B.C. currently has 5200 nursing vacancies and that “by 2031 the province will need 26000 new nurses.” 

So what does the public think about BC’s lingering mandates despite BC’s crashing healthcare system? Do they even know that this type of mandate still exists? Do they agree with the punishment of vaccine-free healthcare workers that won’t be jabbed with an experimental drug that doesn’t stop COVID-19 transmission

To find out the answer to those questions, my producer, Matt Brevner, and nurse Aurora Bisson-Montpetit and I headed down to West Broadway Vancouver. We asked people passing by Premier Eby’s MLA office for their opinion on this important question.

I first introduced you to Bisson-Montpetit after she questioned B.C.’s Provincial Health Services Authority (PHSA) on the logic and science behind these arguably negligent vaccine mandates. Bisson-Montpetit is one of the approximately 2,000 nurses who are banished from working in the province's health-care settings until these mandates are dropped.

Coincidentally, when we arrived, posters by a grassroots movement seeking to have Premier Eby’s MLA seat recalled due to his oversight in the passing of Bill 36 were posted on Premier Eby’s closed-during-business-hours office windows.

Bill 36 is a new law poised to change how B.C.’s health-care system is run drastically. Critics believe that it will pave the way for the government to impose more blanket vaccine mandates and less medical privacy for citizens, regardless of if there is a pandemic or not.

Elections BC has approved the Recall David Eby campaign's petition. Beginning January 17, the group will have 60 days to capture close to 17,000 authentic signatures within Eby’s Vancouver-Point Grey riding in order to be successful.

The group is recruiting volunteers to canvass the riding for signatures and will have five in-person weekend petition signing stations and is organizing an informational protest in front Eby’s office on January 18.

Watch the full video report to hear from residents, including one who says he’s known Premier Eby for years, to get their thoughts on the province's lingering health-care vaccine mandates happening under Eby's watch.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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