Vancity bank requested proof of vaccine to cash in investment

An unvaccinated Canada Post worker who was laid off for refusing a vaccine challenged, and defeated, her bank's attempt to enforce a vaccine passport while making a withdrawal.

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A Vancouver woman, Tracie Mackie, has been trying to keep her head above water ever since Canada Post’s coercive vaccination policy resulted in her being laid off without pay due to not receiving two experimental COVID-19 shots.

Things took a turn for the worse when Mackie's bank, Vancity Credit Union, added salt to her unconstitutional wounds, informing her she would have to provide proof of vaccination in order to attend the necessary appointment to cash in her RRSP investments to help pay her bills.

Mackie understandably questioned the logic behind the policy.

She reminded the financial institution that B.C’s public health orders, list banks and credit unions as a place where proof of vaccination is not required.

She also questioned how forbidding unvaccinated members from attending appointments needed to cash in an investment is based on science, considering the majority of hospital beds being occupied by COVID-19 patients right now, are by, those who are fully vaccinated.

Thankfully, Vancity backpedaled on their policy.

Mackie was able to attend her appointment without scanning a QR code, and even received an apology via phone call from the bank's vice president Peter Reale, but not before Mackie recorded her whole ordeal to share with Rebel News.

“What if it wasn’t me? What if it was a senior trying to get their money, and what if they weren’t able to push back?” Mackie responded when I asked her why Vancity’s apology wasn’t good enough.

Thanks to Mackie’s efforts, it appears that scenario she envisioned will no longer be a concern. A statement issued to Rebel News from Vancity Credit Union reads:

Vancity members are not required to provide proof of vaccination to access any of its community branches or financial services. Vancity requires proof of full COVID-19 vaccination (two or more doses) from all employees and contractors fulfilling roles requiring them to be onsite, starting February 7, 2022. This policy is in line with recommendations by both federal and provincial health officers. It also reflects the preferences of Vancity staff who, through employee surveys, have said that proof of vaccination checks would provide them comfort and assurance of safety when working in a Vancity community branch or office.

We value all employees and we’re currently working with a small minority of employees who aren’t fully vaccinated on personalized plans.

To continue protecting the health and wellbeing of our staff and members, Covid-19 safety measures remain in place at all Vancity buildings, including:

  • daily health checks
  • plexiglass shields
  • physical distancing and occupancy limits
  • hand washing and deep cleaning
  • N95 masks for all employees
  • encouraging virtual online and phone member appointments when possible
  • advising office employees whose work can be performed remotely to do so

After you watch my full interview with Mackie, don’t forget that you can help restore some freedom and sanity in this country by donating what you can at Your contribution there will go towards paying for the lawyers and legal fees for over 20 vaccine-related cases that we’ve partnered with The Democracy Fund, a registered Canadian charity with a focus on civil liberties, to take on.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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