Vanity Fair is really worried about a potential DeSantis presidency

A writer for the outlet explains 13 specific reasons why Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is not fit to be president of the U.S., claiming that he views humans as ‘chattel,’ is ‘dangerously anti-science’ and is ‘anti-free speech’ for signing the ‘Stop WOKE act’ into law.

Vanity Fair is really worried about a potential DeSantis presidency
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On Monday, Vanity Fair published an article by political correspondent Bess Levin, titled “A Comprehensive Guide to Why Ron DeSantis Would Be Just as Terrifying as Donald Trump as President.”

The piece discusses the potential dangers of a hypothetical Ron DeSantis presidency and provides 13 reasons why DeSantis should not be the next president of the United States.

The article begins by noting that DeSantis has received endorsements from individuals such as Twitter CEO Elon Musk, and has been accused of implementing “bigoted policies” and exhibiting “authoritarian” behaviors. Levin asserts that her criticisms of DeSantis are not meant to be an endorsement of Trump, but rather a warning against the potential dangers of a DeSantis presidency.

Levin outlines 13 specific reasons why DeSantis is not fit for the presidency. These include allegations that he views humans as “chattel,” that he is “dangerously anti-science” due to his opposition to COVID-19 lockdowns, and that he is “anti-free speech” for signing the “Stop WOKE act” into law. The article also accuses DeSantis of “waging a war” against trans individuals, having no interest in preventing gun violence, and being a “massive bully.”

In addition to these accusations, Levin cites a former college teammate of DeSantis who spoke with The New Yorker and described DeSantis as the "most selfish person" they have ever interacted with, adding that DeSantis has a history of "embarrassing and humiliating people.”

Despite these criticisms, a December national poll conducted by The Wall Street Journal found that DeSantis would outperform Trump by double digits in a hypothetical 2024 GOP presidential nomination showdown between the two politicians.

The poll found that 86% of likely GOP primary voters held a favorable view of DeSantis, who won re-election to a second term as Florida governor in November, compared to 74% who viewed Trump favorably. In a hypothetical DeSantis-Trump matchup for the nomination, the poll suggests that DeSantis would come out ahead 52%-38%.

It is worth noting that the criticisms levied against DeSantis in the Vanity Fair article are largely based on the opinions and perspectives of the author, Bess Levin. While Levin provides some specific examples to support her claims, it is important to recognize that these are her subjective views and not necessarily a comprehensive or unbiased assessment of DeSantis' policies and actions.

It remains to be seen whether DeSantis will decide to run for president in 2024 and, if he does, how he will fare in the race. What is clear, however, is that DeSantis' policies and actions as governor of Florida have sparked intense debate and generated strong reactions from both supporters and opponents.

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