Victoria ticketing contract controversy another scandal for Dan Andrews

Defeated bidder calls out 'flawed' tender process by the Victorian government.

Victoria ticketing contract controversy another scandal for Dan Andrews
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The losing bidder for a contract to overhaul Victoria’s public transport ticketing system has criticised the government’s “flawed” tender process and cast doubt on whether the chosen company will be able to make the system work.

Cubic wrote to Premier Dan Andrews listing “serious concerns about possible errors in the tender process” that could “impact Victorians for many years to come”.

“We urge you to personally consider if the right decision was made given the state’s desire for a world-class ticketing solution,” the letter read.

Contents of the letter were leaked to the ABC.

But Andrews defended the tender process, insisting: “I’ve got no advice to suggest that there’s any issues with this process. Indeed, quite the contrary.”

Victoria Public Transport Minister Ben Carroll, announced last month that US-based company Conduent had been awarded the $1.7b contract to upgrade the Myki system.

The system will allow commuters to access public transport using their credit card or phone.

Conduent was chosen for the job after an 18-month tender process, beating rival proposals from Cubic, which is behind Sydney’s Opal system.

When awarding the contract to Conduent, Carroll spruiked their record in Dubai, Montreal, New Jersey and Paris.

“We will now reach the 21st century, with account-based ticketing [that is] simpler and easier to use through your credit card, through your smartphone and through your smartwatch,” he said.

But Cubic claims in their letter to the Premier that Conduent were yet to implement mobile phone and credit card payments in those cities.

A Victorian government spokesperson reiterated that Conduent “has a reputation for delivering successful projects in Australia and across major global cities”.

“We have every confidence in this new ticketing contract and the track record of the technology,” the government spokesperson said.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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