Victoria to ban gas connections in new homes from 2024

Controversial plan pitched to Victorians as a solution to reduce 'gas reliance and lower household energy bills'.

Victoria to ban gas connections in new homes from 2024
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Victoria is set to prohibit gas connections in all new homes starting January 1, 2024 under a controversial new plan announced today.

Energy Minister Lily D’Ambrosio and Planning Minister Sonya Kilkenny made the announcement, declaring that new residential properties would exclusively use electricity, with electric or induction cooktops replacing gas ones.

The ban will apply to both new homes and residential subdivisions requiring planning permits, including public and social housing projects under the government’s Homes Victoria scheme.

Additionally, all upcoming public buildings, such as schools, hospitals, police stations, and government facilities, that have not yet reached the design stage will also be powered solely by electricity.

The government claims that this initiative will save approximately $1000 in household energy bills each year. However, the ban will not extend to commercial properties.

To support the transition, the government has committed $1 million to the construction industry for the development of a specialised training program.

Minister D’Ambrosio claimed that reducing reliance on gas was crucial to achieving Victoria's net-zero emissions target by 2045 and that encouraging Victorians to adopt more efficient electric appliances is expected to lead to significant savings on energy bills.

"We know that with every bill that arrives, gas is only going to get more expensive. That’s why we’re stepping in to help even more Victorians get the best deal on their energy bills," she remarked.

In July, the state government released its first "gas substitution road map," eliminating the requirement for new builds to be connected to the gas network.


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  • By Avi Yemini

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