Victorian anti-racism ambassador probed over antisemitic comments

The investigation follows controversial social media comments and calls for accountability.

Victorian anti-racism ambassador probed over antisemitic comments
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The Victorian government has launched an investigation into Tasneem Chopra, an Australian Human Rights Commission 'anti-racism ambassador,' following allegations of antisemitism linked to her online comments.

Chopra, who advises the Fire Rescue Victoria (FRV) and the Victorian Public Sector Commission on inclusivity and diversity, faced criticism for questioning reports of Hamas’s sexual violence on October 7 and accusing Zionists of being "white supremacists" and habitual liars.

David Goldberg, a former public sector executive with the Victorian fire services, filed complaints with Premier Jacinta Allan, Attorney-General Jaclyn Symes, and FRV representatives.

"I know the standards, I’ve enforced the standards and they are not being met," Goldberg told the mainstream media.

"Social media commentary that is racist and hateful and relevant to the role being performed is absolutely covered by the Victorian standards. That is the law and it is the public sector policy and code of conduct."

A government spokeswoman confirmed the investigation but did not clarify if Chopra would remain in her roles during the process. The Australian Human Rights Commission has also asked Chopra to "step back" from her ambassadorial duties amid a separate racial discrimination complaint.

In her social media posts, Chopra claimed Zionists "lie, lie and lie" and shared comments calling them "racists and white supremacists." She cited an Israeli statement on October 7, suggesting a lack of focus on investigating sexual violence, to which she added "Right."

Goldberg criticised this as a double standard, stating that similar comments about any other minority would result in immediate job loss.

"It is only for antisemitism that this is not the case," he said, attributing this to a lack of leadership in Victoria.

Chopra has denied promoting antisemitism, stating she is the target of a "co-ordinated and aggressive campaign" to silence her.

"I have never uttered nor promoted anti-Semitic sentiments," she asserted. "I condemn violence against all women including in acts of war."

This incident follows a recent investigation by Victoria’s Multicultural Commission into Commissioner Mohamed Mohideen over social media posts blaming Israel for "genocide" and calling Zionism "evil."

The investigation concluded without removing Mohideen from his role.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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