Viral 'Jewish threat' against Muslim woman exposed as a hoax

Inconsistencies and ulterior motives are suspected as allegations go viral on social media.

Viral 'Jewish threat' against Muslim woman exposed as a hoax
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A viral post claiming to expose a threat to a Melbourne Muslim woman from Jewish neighbours has been branded a hoax after social media users investigated the claims.

An X user known as @NorCleor ignited a storm of controversy with a post that garnered over 11 million views before the account was privated.

The post features a threatening note supposedly found by the user, a Muslim living in Melbourne's northern suburbs. However, a closer examination of the circumstances reveals several inconsistencies that have led many to question the authenticity of the note.

The note, which was purportedly left by a 'group of Jewish families,' read:

"Hey Muslim! We've noticed you moved in. We are a lot of Jewish family's (sic) live around here but we cant stop you. If you make trouble for us we will make your life hell."

However, Melbourne’s northern suburbs is not an area where many Jews live, making the claim of "a lot of Jewish families" in the area highly unlikely.

The post has been met with skepticism, with some users pointing out the absence of any pin or tape used to hang the note, suggesting it could have been photographed after being ripped out of a notebook.

The post has also been criticised for its potential to incite further hatred against Jewish people.

Journalist Andy Ngo, who has reported extensively on hate crime hoaxes, particularly by Muslims, has suggested that this incident bears the hallmarks of a hoax. Ngo noted the absence of a pin or tape and the use of a Star of David instead of a swastika as potential red flags.

Further investigation into @NorCleor's X history has revealed a series of liked posts that are antisemitic in nature, including claims that Jews are natural child killers and support for neo-Nazis defending Hitler.

This has led some to believe that the user has an ulterior motive in posting the note, potentially to stoke more hatred against Jewish people.

It follows on from other 'hate-crime hoaxes' in Melbourne which have gone viral on social media.

Burgertory Hash Tayeh, recently claimed his home was firebombed in what he termed another 'hate crime,' echoing previous accusations surrounding attacks on his Burgertory business. However, police linked the incident to Melbourne's ongoing 'tobacco wars.'

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