Walk with Israel event draws tens of thousands of rallygoers in Toronto

Speaking about the anti-Israel demonstrators at the march, Ezra Levant said, 'The chief characteristic of them is they're covering their face — and I don't think it's for Covid.'

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Rebel News CEO Ezra Levant reported from Sunday's Walk for Israel event in Toronto as tens of thousands of people came out in support of Israel.

Despite dozens of anti-Israel counter-protesters in attendance, the event proceeded without a hitch as Torontonians came out in droves to show their support for Israel.

Commenting on the anti-Israel counter-protesters at the march, Mr. Levant said, "Obviously those masked men and women behind me flying the flags of Palestine or in some cases over the last eight months, flying actual terrorist flags, they hate Jews."

"It's no surprise. They come from countries where antisemitism is endemic. We don't screen or qualify our immigrants in any way for social fit. And if you bring in people from hateful pockets of the world, you import their ideas too," he added.

Speaking further about the counter-demonstrators, Mr. Levant said, "If you have masked Hamas supporters blocking roads, harassing Jewish passersby, people get the idea that that's the new normal now, the Overton window has shifted."

"We're no longer Toronto the good, but a city seething with hatred that you know if these cops weren't here, they would be breaking into violence against the Jewish marchers."

Discussing the vibe from the pro-Israel demonstrators, Mr. Levant said, "You see men, women and children, babies even. I see Canadian flags, I see a lot of Israeli flags. I see no terrorist flags."

"And I think the tone, the mood, if I can read it just with my eyes, is a little bit sober given that you have Hamas flags in this Jewish neighbourhood, but I would call it fairly positive."

According to the National Post, over 50,000 people participated in the pro-Israel march in Toronto, making it one of the largest demonstrations in the country in recent memory.

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