A war is underway in Israel, yet Canadians can't get access to news on social media

Kris Sims joined Sheila Gunn Reid to discuss the effects of Bill C-18 on Canadians' ability to access trustworthy information.

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Thanks to Justin Trudeau's new censorship law, C-18, Google will begin blocking Canadian news sites.

The Online News Act forces social media companies to pay the producers of Canadian news content when platform users share content to their accounts. The shakedown of social media companies to support failing Canadian news companies resulted in Facebook and Instragam's parent company, Meta, blocking Canadian news sites earlier in the summer.

As a result of the backdoor news tax, news websites saw a steep drop in traffic, which caused advertising dollars to plunge.

The Liberals' continued meddling in the news industry to prop up their enablers has deeply damaged the business models of content producers while fracturing what little trust remains between Canadians and their media.

Kris Sims, a former journalist and the Alberta Director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation joins the show to discuss the problem of contaminating the media with public dollars.

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