Was Jesus Palestinian? Spoiler alert: No! Here's why

Just in time for Christmas, Rebel News reporter Drea Humphrey sits down to interview Pastor Rabbi Giulio Lorefice Gabeli about the historical scriptures that debunk the recently trending claim that 'Jesus was a Palestinian.'

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As hundreds of millions of Christians around the world prepare to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ this Christmas, a perplexing narrative about their Lord and Savior's heritage has recently been gaining traction.

The claim that “Jesus was Palestinian” can be heard being chanted by anti-Israel activists during “pro-Palestine” protests which have circulating on social media, and has even been supported by a couple of woke politicians.

But does the Palestinian Jesus claim stand its ground against the historically rich best-selling book of all time?

Click on the full video report above to hear Pastor Rabbi Giulio Lorefice Gabeli, who leads Coquitlam, British Columbia's Westwood Community Churchwalk us through some of the ancient holy scriptures that prove Jesus, a Jew born in Bethlehem, was never Palestinian.

Unlike the New York Times, which quietly corrected a previous article that conceded to the falsehood of Jesus being Palestinian, Rebel News is bringing you historical truth from the start.

If you appreciate that Rebel News brings you the other side of the story, even when it's unpopular to do so, consider checking out our coverage of the Israel-Hamas war at TheTruthAboutTheWar.com.

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