WATCH: Arrested for drinking coffee? The story behind viral clip

Rebecca Taylor explains what happened that led to dystopian scenes outside Queensland cafe

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The simple act of buying a coffee led one woman to the back of a police van outside a Queensland Cafe.

Rebecca Taylor, 46, is now facing a court date in March after the arrest where police had asked Rebecca for her vaccination status.

I’m happy to provide my name and address,” she stated repeatedly in footage that has since gone viral across the world, thanks to the incident being caught on film by the cafe owner.

Police were checking customers' vaccine status at the Hervey Bay General store when Rebecca left and was standing outside.

Within 50 seconds that they approached me, I was in a paddy-wagon,” she said.

They did not provide a move-on order, they did not tell me what I was being arrested for."

Five police officers were present when Rebecca was arrested and issued her a $1378 fine for obstructing police and not following a health direction.

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