WATCH: Helicopter pilot GROUNDED by mandates

Yasmin Sawyer speaks to helicopter pilot Kenny had recently been stood down due to vaccine mandates

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Many people shared their thoughts at the Freedom Rally in Brisbane on the 22nd of January.

Kenny had recently been stood down due to the mandates implemented on the 17th of December. He had worked in aviation for 33 years flying a large passenger helicopter.

But due to the mandates he can no longer fly unless he has two doses of the COVID-19 vaccination soon to be three.

Never in the history of aviation have pilots been allowed to take an experimental drug, even if we take a headache tablet we have to be careful of what medicine we use,” explained Kenny.

He shared his concerns of fellow pilots who had taken the jab and them having a reaction while in the air, because he had flown people a week after they had their jab and complained of having chest pains.

Some people may want the jab but a lot of people are only doing it because they have to, they don’t want to be fined, go to jail or don’t want to lose their job and they need food on their table,” he said.

Kenny was upset about many things but mostly concerned about how children are now eligible to receive their first dose of the COVID-19 vaccination.

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