WATCH: Neil Oliver on the hypocrisy of environmentalists and COP26

Every day people should eat bugs and walk while environmentalists fly all over the world in private jets to conferences that can happen over a video call.

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In his monologue, Neil Oliver of GB News talks about how politicians and the left are transitioning from the COVID crisis to the environmental crisis to keep people scared and controlled.

He speaks about how while environmental activists and politicians can fly around from conference to conference in private jets, regular people should be eating bugs and not taking planes let alone jets. 

On the COP26 climate summit taking place in Glasgow Neil said:

Over 100 private jets will be on the move, ferrying those special people who know how to save the planet. 50 percent of the troubling emissions from planes are from private jets. President Biden is coming too – flying more tens of thousands of miles in the vast hulk that is Air Force 1, to mumble some more about cutting carbon emissions. Those attending Cop26 from around the world face no vaccine requirements and need no vaccine passports.

Two vast cruise ships are moored on the River Clyde to house thousands of the staff that will run around after the tens of thousands of delegates. Power aboard will be provided by keeping their diesel engines turning, burning uncounted thousands of gallons of dirty old diesel for the duration of their stay.

But it’s not about what they say it’s about.

We the people need constant reminding, apparently, that the world is in a dreadful mess, and that that mess is all our fault. And now we must marvel at those special people, to whom rules do not apply, and who have come to save us from ourselves.

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  • By David Menzies

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