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WEF's Klaus Schwab loses the love of the climate change mob

"We don't see any change..all our governments have to do something," a frail-looking climate activist told Rebel News' Lewis Brackpool at a street protest in Davos, Switzerland.

WEF's Klaus Schwab loses the love of the climate change mob
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After years of the World Economic Forum and its head, Klaus Schwab, promoting job-killing, bank-account-draining climate policies like carbon taxes, the climate scare cult is annoyed that enough isn't being done to please St. Greta Thunberg, patron saint of climate scolding.

How dare you, indeed.

The World Economic Forum is hosting its annual meeting in Davos this week as global elites, politicians, billionaires, business leaders and their enablers convene their coven to discuss climate change, COVID, and how to reset the economy and recreate financial systems in a manner of their choosing.

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Unfortunately, the WEF, for all its preening about climate change, sure loves reliable, convenient automobile transportation.

Rebel News has a team of reporters on the ground in Davos to expose the WEF for its lies, schemes and hypocrisy. To support their independent journalism and to follow along with their coverage, please visit

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