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WEF Reports: Avi Yemini confronts Microsoft President in Davos

'They say this is about regaining trust, but why do you think so much of the world has lost trust in the WEF?'

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Yemini found Brad Smith, the president of Microsoft, on the streets of Davos in Switzerland, where the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum (WEF) is taking place this week.

The WEF is a global cabal of powerful business leaders, politicians, celebrities and their enablers, that meets each year to decide their vision for the future of humanity. To learn more about the sinister motives of the WEF, Rebel News has produced a comprehensive investigative docuseries available at

“We do a lot of work on the SDGs [sustainable development goals of the United Nations]. We address things like skilling and climate change, Internet access for everyone and I happen to be SDG advocate myself,” Smith explained to Yemini when pressed about why he was wearing a UN pin on his lapel.

When asked by Yemini about the public's lack of trust and newfound skepticism in the WEF, Smith blamed it on “questioning” before being hustled away by a handler.

Yemini is part of a team of six journalists on the ground in Davos, Switzerland, to show the world what really happens inside these cloistered globalist symposiums. To support their coverage and to see all of their independent journalism, visit

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