What China has learned from Russia's invasion of Ukraine | Gordon G. Chang

The war in Ukraine has given the Chinese Communist Party a chance to learn a great deal about how the West might respond to future Chinese aggression.

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As Russia's war against Ukraine drags on, another country looking to topple the Western world order has watched on with curiosity. The war in Ukraine has presented Chinese President Xi Jinping with an opportunity to learn a great deal about how the West responded to the actions undertaken by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, author and China analyst Gordon G. Chang joined the show to share his thoughts on what unique information the Chinese Communist Party has learned since the outbreak of the war.

Speaking about what Xi and the Chinese regime have learned, Gordon said:

I think the lesson that China takes is very different from what we think. The Western narrative is that the heroic resistance of Ukraine has made China think twice about invading Taiwan. That's what we would like to believe. I think though, that China sees something very different and that is the failure of the West to deter Russia from invading Ukraine.

You've got to remember that last year the coalition that was arrayed against Russian — the United States, 27 nations of the European Union and Great Britain — have an economy that was 25.1-times larger than Russia's, and yet we absolutely failed to maintain peace in Ukraine.

I think that China looks at that and says the West is feeble, it's incapable, and so therefore, Beijing has latitude to do what it wants.

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