What do Conservatives think about Poilievre being branded 'far right'?

‘Canadians who want to live in affordable houses, who want to provide for their families — these aren't far-right ideas,’ said a Conservative convention attendee.

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Mainstream media outlets and rival politicians are relying on information from "experts" which suggests Conservative Party of Canada Leader Pierre Poilievre is spreading a so-called “far-right message, and that Poilievre represents this side of the political spectrum.

Poilievre is steadfast in his promises.

He intends to defund the CBC, cut overspending on projects, address the housing crisis, establish a healthy immigration system, and balance the Canadian budget. He has also pledged to restore Canadians' freedom of expression, eliminate censorship and allow lawful gun owners to exercise their right to own firearms.

These are multiple topics that resonate with Canadians, as many struggle to make ends meet with a median wage salary. Do the people who are endorsing and voting for the Conservative leader believe that he is a “far-right” politician?

“That's mainstream. Canadians who want to live in affordable houses, who want to provide for their families — these aren't far-right ideas. These are mainstream Canadian ideas,” says one attendee at the Conservative Party of Canada's national convention.

“That's absolutely not the case. Quite frankly, Mr. Trudeau and Jagmeet Singh represent the far-left. So, a centre-right Conservative government may appear as a ‘far-right’ government to some. We need to eliminate woke ideology, restore fiscal sanity, reduce government spending, and reset and limit the size of government,” mentioned another convention-goer.

“He loves this country. You can see it. There's passion in his eyes, and there's passion in his family. So, I don't believe that at all,” stated a third attendee who spoke to Rebel News.

The support here at the national convention was unanimous. We heard from the people here voting Conservative that they see Pierre Poilievre as a leader of common-sense governance, not as a far-right leader.

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