What do the people of London think of Rishi Sunak?

There were mixed opinions on the streets of London about Rishi Sunak’s rise to power.

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Following a turbulent few days in British politics, nearly 200 Conservative MPs publicly backed Rishi Sunak, the former chancellor, to become the new prime minister of the U.K.

Mr. Sunak is taking over for Liz Truss, who resigned only a few days ago sparking a Conservative Party leadership contest amongst MPs.

This appointment has caused outrage across much of the U.K. because this decision was reached purely by Conservative MPs. At no point in this latest leadership contest have either the Conservative Party members or the British public had the opportunity to decide on who they would like to lead the country.

Rumours of Boris Johnson returning to the U.K. to test the political waters at Westminster and potentially having another go in a leadership bid turned out to be only speculation.

The other Tory hopeful, Penny Mordaunt, withdrew from the latest contest moments before the result was announced, admitting she believed it was “clear that colleagues feel we need certainty today.”

Rishi Sunak under British law is under no obligation to call a general election however opposition parties have criticised the former chancellor saying he has no democratic mandate to become prime minister.

Rebel News Reporter, Callum Smiles, wanted to find out what the people in London thought of Mr Sunak taking the top job so headed over to central London to find out more.

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