What does learning look like during COVID? Teacher talks challenge of masks, hand washing and more

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In this interview, I caught up with a junior elementary school teacher in Ontario to find out what the classroom looks like from an in-the-throes perspective during the COVID pandemic.

From hypochondriac-level hand washing and sanitization, to having to enforce a mask mandate that makes him uncomfortable, especially during physical activity, this educator is just happy to be back in the classroom teaching. We discuss everything from the extreme level of sanitizing, to the reduction in interactive learning and how masks are making communication and lectures difficult.

Amid all of the crazy stories of radical ideologies infiltrating into all levels of anything that the government touches these days, this teacher simply wants to teach and remain in the classroom to do so. He doesn’t want schools to be shut down or to be forced to teach online; he also doesn’t want to be forced to wear a mask all day where he breathes in mask fibres and can’t adequately interact with his students.

It was reassuring to finally be able to feature someone from the teachers' union who can think and rationalize for himself, who uses common sense to navigate the learning environment, especially amidst all of the chaos of now being a hand washing enforcer, all while figuring out ways to facilitate actual learning and connection between himself, and his students while remaining cognizant of the safety protocols.

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