What’s happening with gun control legislation in Canada?

The Gunn Show was joined by the president of Canada's National Firearms Association, Rick Igercich. They discussed the Liberals' attempts to outlaw hunting in Canada, and what Canadians who care about their rights can do to get involved.

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The Canadian government's continued efforts to restrict firearms ownership is causing controversy among law-abiding gun owners.

Joining Sheila is Rick Igercich, the president of Canada's National Firearms and they discuss the "Liberals hitting the panic button on their sneaky, last-minute attempts to outlaw hunting in Canada, and what Canadians who care about their rights can do to get involved."

Sheila asked Rick to explain any change in gun control legislation here in Canada.

Igercich responded with:

Bill C-71 as most people know, is the complete ban on the movement of handguns in Canada.

You can't sell, you can't do anything with your handguns. Basically, it's yours till you pass away, then it goes back to the government for destruction. But with that bill, there's all kinds of other stuff going on, as the Liberals have been pushing.

The big thing, I guess we'll just cut to the chase at the 11th hour.

They decided to add a couple of amendments to the bill. The first was (C-21) G-4, which is what they call their Evergreen Amendment, which describes a so-called assault weapon, basically by how it looks. Nothing short of ridiculous.

There is there is a definition for assault rifles, military assault rifles.

And the ones that Trudeau's liberals have listed are not military assault rifles.

Igercich added that those type of guns aren't "even close to the same" and "that was the first part, that was the G-4 part of the of the amendment."

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