What's it like on the US side of Roxham Road?

'They're not legal here and they're afraid of being deported back to their countries, that's when they go to Canada to try there,' said a taxi driver from Plattsburgh, NY.

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About 37 kilometres from Plattsburgh, NY on the Canadian border, is an illegal entry point called Roxham. Further known in 2017, due to Donald Trump’s new immigration policy, a number of non-citizens fled to Canada after Justin Trudeau announced that he would receive all those fleeing persecution.

A number of politicians in Quebec, including Premier Francois Legault, asked the federal Liberals to close Roxham Road but to no avail.

Plattsburgh is a transient city where migrants disembark buses, including those from New York, and then hop into a taxi and towards our border.

About a week ago, we learned that the mayor of New York, Eric Adams, is helping migrants travel to Canada by subsidizing their bus tickets at taxpayers' expense. About $66.00 US to get rid of the problem when they define themselves as a sanctuary city for immigrants.

Almost 82% of migrants crossing Roxham Road end up in accommodation, paying out of taxpayers' money in Canada. The RCMP intercepted 34,478 asylum seekers between January and November 2022 who were illegally crossing into Quebec at Roxham Road.

Right now, taxis are promoting Roxham Road, private vans leaving from anywhere in the United States are arriving at our irregular border, and the mayor of New York is literally trafficking migrants with bus tickets that are being paid through public funds and now we learn that even American federal agents are still part of the problem.

Christine Fréchette, Minister of Immigration stated that nearly 400 migrants who passed through Roxham Road during the weekend of 11-12 of February, were redirected to other Canadian provinces.

In this report, I am interviewing some of the taxi drivers who are involved with Roxham Road and they tell us what they saw on their side. You are going to enter the reality of human trafficking in Canada.

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  • By Alexandra Lavoie

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Contact New York City Mayor Eric Adams directly to demand that he immediately stop trafficking illegal migrants to Canada through Roxham Road!

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