What's going on with trans kids in Hollywood?

It may just be that kids need to be left to grow up naturally, without the consequence of labels, gender dysphoria therapy or sterilization.

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Did you know that young women today are at a 4,400% higher risk of being diagnosed with gender dysphoria than women of my generation? Where is this sudden rise in GD coming from?

Is it the well-documented link between social media media popularity and teenage behaviour, is the number of cases actually going up, or is Hollywood to blame?

A recent photo of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s daughter, Shiloh Jolie-Pitt, rekindled the decade-old debate over the young woman’s gender identity, and even sexuality. Media outlets and celebrities have been speculating about whether or not the child is trans for years.

In a photo released in October, Shiloh was seen looking feminine in public for the first time since she was a child.

The new story: she’s come out of her “tomboy phase”!

But wait, haven’t we spent the last 10 years or so years calling the girl a boy? One picture in a dress and suddenly she’s a she again.

Aren’t we supposed to have evolved past the pants = boy, skirt = girl mould? Why was Shiloh “trans” when she wore baggy clothes and short hair, but a girl again just because she has long hair and wore a dress?

Aren’t these stereotypes the exact opposite of progress?

The recent news that American actress Jamie Lee Curtis’ son, Tom, came out as a trans woman sparked a question: what is going on with trans kids in Hollywood?

Better yet, what is Hollywood’s impact on the trans trend in general? Are stories like Ruby Curtis’ simply inspiring already-trans kids to come out, or is it directing awkward and misguided youth to a predetermined conclusion?

Do you feel uncomfortable in your skin? Must be trans. Do you prefer sports and videogames to gossip magazines? Must be trans.

Couldn’t it be that some young women hang on to their freedom of their youth a little longer than others? I sure did.

Couldn’t it be that some women will always prefer gadgets and games to makeup and fashion?

Growing up female in an over-sexualized world can be hard. It forces young women to make an early determination about how they want to be seen by society. That identity evolves and grows over time. Some girls grow their hair long, and some keep it short because it means being true to themselves.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that gender dysphoria is the diagnosis, nor that any diagnosis is necessary. It may just be that kids need to be left to grow up naturally, without the consequence of labels, gender dysphoria therapy, or sterilization.

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