Where did the plan to create 15-minute cities come from?

'The intention of these 15-minute cities is to reduce your carbon footprint,' said Michelle Stirling from Friends of Science.

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Fifteen-minute-cities are no conspiracy theory. They have been adopted as part of the zoning code in many major cities, including Edmonton.

Joining Sheila on today's episode of The Gunn Show is Michelle Stirling from Friends of Science. They also tackle the lies of the Just Transition to green jobs and what she calls a libel against Canadians by former NDP leader Thomas Mulcair and NDP MP Leah Gazan.

"And before we started recording, we sort of talked about how cities have become the focus of these climate plans as some countries reject them because they're overly expensive," Sheila said towards Stirling.

"Cities become the fall back and cities tend to be more progressive. And as you pointed out before we started recording, that's where the majority of the population live. So all you need is a few mayors on the side of the climate scare. And there you go, an enormously expensive climate plan, as is the case in Calgary."

Stirling responded with:

Yes well, you know, I did a recent presentation for Alberta Prosperity Project, which was on lockdowns in 15 minute cities and how lockdowns were the open door to the fourth industrial revolution. So if you want to look at these 15 minute cities, you can go back to deadline 2020, which was written in 2016. And in it this was written by and consulting firm called Arup.

And in it they propose that every person should have a carbon footprint of 2.9 tonnes Co2 equivalent Co2 e it's called. And presently Canadians have about 17 tonnes Co2. E Carbon footprint. So the intention of these 15 minute cities is to reduce your carbon footprint. Yes, it's true that it's nice and convenient to be walkable in my Calgary area.

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