White professor teaching 'Black Lives Matter' course for $140k/year

Prof. Charmaine Eddy's new Black Lives Matter course hits on topics such as whether it's appropriate for her, a white woman, to lecture on white fragility.

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After receiving an anonymous tip on the Rebel News tips line ([email protected]), this report features an example of the woke indoctrination plaguing educational institutions today.

Utilizing questionable “leaders” to inform the debatable content, this course has been developed by privileged white professor Charmaine Eddy. Eddy is an English professor at Trent University which is based in Peterborough, Ontario, and has developed a course thoughtfully named, “Black Lives Matter” (BLM).

Eddy’s last documented salary from 2019 was just shy of $140,000. Coupled with a fairly mediocre rating on Rate My Professor of 3.2 stars out of five, it appears zero of the students who offered reviews would take her course again.

Her most recent review calls her awful, and notes that in the course they took, it was all about BLM and had nothing to do English literature.

The “Black Lives Matter” course description writes as a fact that there is “State Sanctioned racial violence.”

In the syllabus, under “Assignments, Assessments and Tests”, it appears that students are not even required to write an essay!

Instead, they have the option to “mobilize the space of the classroom as a site of protest” and to “return to teaching as a radical form of community organizing,” in which they can plan a project and organize an event.

Ms. Eddy further dictates that “The arts and literature are crucial to the BLM movement... Therefore, some weeks students will be asked to bring a 'cultural product' in...”

Is that not blatant cultural appropriation?

Eddy seems to proudly exclaim that she “follows Shaun King on Instagram, where he posts new and ongoing cases of racial violence and motivates grass roots petitions to help change the system.”

That’s the same Shaun King who has been accused by fellow activists as having questionable leadership and those who worked with him for funding campaigns have questioned where the funds have gone.

In 2019, the trending twitter hashtag #ShawunKingLetMeDown gave personal accounts of how King launches a project, grifts funding from supporters and then shuts the project down without completing anything tangible.

Scheduled for this week on the learning docket is the topic Anti-Racism and the Problem of White Fragility.

Professor Eddy asks, “is it right for me as a white professor to be teaching this material?” and “…how should she be teaching it respectfully from a position of privilege?”

This week, she will be primarily focused on the insidious nature of white privilege, as a basis for approaching the rest of the material in the course.

Apparently, students actually pay for this exclusively-held-on-Zoom course.

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  • By Rebel News

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