Rebel News is going to the World Health Summit in Berlin!

Because we don't take a dime from the government, you can count on our team of independent reporters to ask the tough questions that no other journalists are willing to ask.

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Rebel News is sending a dream team of five journalists to the World Health Organization Summit in Berlin, Germany.

However, we do need your help to do it!

If you don't know, the World Health Organization is the United Nations' agency that has basically been pumping out the globalist pandemic lockdown response.

I need your help though because we must crowdfund the cost of sending some of our loved journalists across seas to cover these conferences.

Journalists who are going to Berlin are:

Alexa Lavoie, our French-speaking reporter based in Montreal. Drea Humphrey, our B.C Bureau Chief and Tamara Ugolini, who has gone deep on these pandemic matters.

And supporting those three journalists are two videographers and video editors, Guillaume Roy and Ed Crawford.

What's so important about this team as you know, we don't take a dime from the government. That's how we can be independent and ask tough questions that no other journalists can ask.

There may be some other journalists at this World Health Organization, but what is the point if all they're doing is repeating the regime's message. We will be asking independent questions. And the only place you'll see this kind of independent journalism where we follow the facts wherever they lead is going to be Rebel News.

And we've set up a special website called

It is very expensive to send five journalists all the way to Berlin, Germany. Even though we're flying economy class and staying in economy class hotels, this whole project is going to be at least $10,000 by the time we're done.

If you value independent journalism on the most important subject of our time, the pandemic and the lockdowns and the World Health Organization's role in covering for Communist China, please go to and please chip in to help us make this trip possible.

Thanks for your support.

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