WHO leadership praises Jacinda Ardern's NZ pandemic response

Former PM Jacinda Ardern, discusses New Zealand's harsh pandemic response at World Health Organisation Assembly to the praise of globalist elites who say she is a model for leaders worldwide.

WHO leadership praises Jacinda Ardern's NZ pandemic response
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The World Health Assembly, the World Health Organization's principal decision-making body, is currently convening from May 21 to 30, hosting delegates from across the globe.

Dr Diana Sarfati, along with four other delegates from the Ministry of Health, are representing New Zealand. Sarfati has served as the director-general of health and chief executive of the Ministry of Health since November 2022, taking over the role provisionally in July 2022.

In his opening remarks, WHO's director-general, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, extended his appreciation towards Jacinda Ardern's "leadership in global health."
He underscored her humility as a "model for leaders worldwide."

During the assembly, Ardern, New Zealand's former prime minister, offered a reflection on her experience "co-managing" the Covid-19 pandemic response with advisers Dr Ashley Bloomfield and Dame Juliet Ann Gerrard.

She said that mistakes made during her tenure and spoke of the crucial learnings derived from these missteps.

Ardern, described herself as 'currently between jobs', recounted her time as New Zealand's 40th prime minister.

She acknowledged the uniqueness of her tenure, owing to its coinciding with the Covid-19 pandemic.

Ardern admitted that her team's pandemic response wasn't without its flaws, conceding that there were individuals better positioned to examine the recent global health crisis.

Expressing her devotion for the WHO's approach to fostering a healthier future, Ardern said, "All I can reflect is just how accurate your prescribed approach is to building a healthier future. Science, solutions, and solidarity."

Ardern praised Bloomfield, the director-general of health at the time, and her chief science adviser Gerrard.

She touched upon the dichotomy of gratitude and vilification experienced by health practitioners worldwide, maintaining that those dedicating their lives to protect ours should not sacrifice their safety and security.

Reflecting on the "challenges of managing a global pandemic," Ardern appreciated the WHO's assistance and the establishment of a foundation of trust and respect for health science, which she claims is crucial to finding solutions.

Discussing her resignation as prime minister on January 19, Ardern emphasised her departure wasn't due to the abuse and threats she faced but rather "personal exhaustion".

Ardern said that she is "ready to move on," admitting she will not miss the weight of the role's responsibility.

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