Will you take off your mask when the government says it's ok?

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A recent Leger poll of 2,000 Canadians posits that a majority of citizens will continue wearing their masks even after mandates are lifted, concluding:

Staying Cautious: 75% Plan to Continue Wearing a Mask in Public: While Canadians are eager to explore, they're still planning to be cautious, taking local health and safety protocols into account. Three-quarters (75%) of those planning a road trip this summer indicate that they will continue to wear a mask in public as an added safety measure. Those who are planning a road trip this summer will be opting for more remote locations like campsites (37%) or cabins / chalets / cottages (34%).

Taking to the streets of the affluent Liberty Village district of Toronto, we asked the locals if they intended to continue wearing a masking after mandates expired. Many (mostly young women) said yes, and perhaps most interestingly, stated they did not have an end date for their choice.

What was prevalent in the replies was a needed sense of “security,” despite most respondents not being completely sure as to whether or not their mask actually protects them. Many people were honest, and did not attempt to claim a deep understanding of the science; rather, it was much more about a feeling.

Most did not seem deeply entrenched in 'mask culture' (save for a few who seemed convinced it would become a lifestyle), and are likely to return to being bare-faced once others are as well.





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